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With ad hoc analytics and administrative services clients can outsource projects in order to leverage the abilities of a highly skilled ‘Virtual Analyst’ — without the costs of sourcing and staffing an internal position.

With Cisco WebEx tele-meeting and video conferencing technologies, I work collaboratively with long-distance clients and provide quick turnaround on critical projects.

In addition, D/FW Metroplex clients can schedule on-site sessions in order to take advantage of in-person collaborative expertise and know how.

I offer affordable, cost-effective rates designed to provide scheduling flexibility.  Email info@ourcomputertutor.org or call 817.994.2962 for more information or to find out how to schedule a consultation.

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virtual analyst
“Sorry I did not call you back to tell you the VitalSigns reports were fabulous  ...  I presented them at the office manager's meeting last week.
One of the directors actually stood up and said they were ‘fabulous’  ...  this was a first.”
— Kathy Waldrop, Finance Director
Florida Hospital,
excerpt from email communication
“William Carlisle is an extremely talented and creative individual with a keen attention to detail.
He developed an Access database for my division that was able to run much of our business.  I relied heavily on his organizational skills to set up my Division's accounting and record-keeping systems.”

— Adrienne Mann, Assistant Vice President
National Agency Operations Manager,
First American Title Insurance Company
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1 Standard Rate is offered for business clients scheduling sessions “On Demand” with a standard two-hour minimum per session.

2 Referral Rate is offered for clients that pre-schedule sessions / projects at least 48 hours in advance and schedule between 10 to 15 hours for the week.

3 Contract Rate is offered for clients that pre-schedule sessions / projects at least 48 hours in advance, with 15+ hours for the week.

Rates shown above are on a per-hour basis and require a two hour minimum.  Standard “On Demand” appointments & projects do not require pre-scheduling, they are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.  Referral and Contract rate appointments & projects do require 48-hour advance scheduling and are billed at a “guaranteed” minimum.


Example #1:  A client pre-schedules 20 hours of project work for the following week.  They will receive the Contract Rate of $30.00 per hour on their weekly invoice.  Any hours worked in excess of the original schedule will be billed at the same Contract Rate.

Example #2:  A client pre-schedules 12 hours of project work for the following week.  They will receive the Referral Rate of $40.00 per hour on the weekly invoice.  In this example, the client later requests an additional 4 hours mid-week, taking their weekly total to 16 hours.  They will be billed at the Referral Rate on their weekly invoice for all hours worked.


©2015 ourcomputertutor.org — William Carlisle has more than 10 years of experience as an analyst in both the healthcare and title insurance industries.  Let him help you get with special projects and business presentations in lieu of having to add to your organization’s FTE headcount.  He consistently provides fast and accurate turnaround, and can assist professionals with a wide variety of business analysis and record-keeping requirements.